Price Guide


You will find that most of our competitors don't list any prices on their websites. They want you to get in touch, often they want to visit your home and then they will give you a price, sometimes with a hard sell technique.


We are happy to come out to your home if you prefer, have a look at what you want doing and estimate the time we believe that will take. However, so that we don't waste your time or ours, we are happy to set out here that our rates are from £14/£15 per manhour depending on character of the work required, frequence and location as we have to factor in travelling time. 


Please bear in mind that we provide all equipment and materials - many others do not (if someone else uses your equipment or materials and has an accident, are they insured?).

We pay our staff over the minimum wage and all their travelling time and annual leave is paid. We are a legitimate business paying tax and National Insurance contributions and also have to cover the costs of our vehicles and other overheads.

You may find someone offering to clean for £10 an hour but you should consider that you may be funding the black economy and / or have someone who may not have the appropriate cover should they damage your property.


We are happy to invoice you monthly.